Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Dinner: Lemon~Herb Chicken Piccata

I found a chicken piccata recipe calling for chicken, lemon, butter, and CAPERS.  Not having any capers on hand, I substituted with fresh thyme, sage, and oregano, which I DID have on hand.  I know, who has all that fresh stuff handy over a simple jar of grocery-market capers.  The sister-in-law's garden is apparently drowning in this stuff.  yay!!!  Here is my all my hard prep-work below, which resulted in a great photo-op:

Little A picked these buttercups for me from the yard.  It's so fun to see them hanging around while I cook.  :-)

I was de-stringing the celery for my little Monkey when I decided I HAD to have a picture of these awesome celery-ribbons.  Crazy?  Me? No!(?)

OKAY ~ back for the actual dinner...Look at all that fresh thyme!!  This stuff is so dainty looking, I wish I could wear it in my hair!  HA

I seasoned the chicken with some good old Salt & Pepper (BOTH freshly cracked), floured, and pan-fried it.  After carefully removing it from the pan (non-stick) I deglazed with white wine, lemon juice, and chicken broth (the herbs were also added at this point).  The chicken was dumped back in for a minute, removed *yet again*, then the lemons were cooked in the sauce.  

I poured the sauce over the chicken, garnished with more thyme sprigs.  This stuff was SOOOO good I forgot to take a picture until AFTER we were finished eating.  So all you see is leftovers for tomorrow.  sorry!  But hey, you have to admit the leftovers look pretty mouth-watering.  Especially in the pop-you-in-face yellow Dansk Paella Pan.  By the way, I love presents in the form of vintage + Dansk.  That's how to get on my good side.  That and food.

WELL, I hope this was as mouth-watering post for you as it was for me.


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