Monday, May 30, 2011

Succulents for the Kitchen!!

I picked up some succulents from Home Depot on Saturday.  They fit PERFECTLY into the vintage restaurant coffee mugs I had been eying at the local antique store for MONTHS.  I finally broke down and bought all 8!  Four for my succulents, the other four for me.  (Kitty already somehow managed to relocate one of the plants to the floor without budging the coffee now there is double-sided tape on the window sill for the time being).  

I'm not much of a plant person (only because I don't have practice, but I can really appreciate a good looking plant).  However, I figured with Little A running around, it would be a good idea to have some healthy green around the house.  How sad it would be to grow up in a home without plants, right?!

I also grabbed a fifth plant (last minute) because it reminded SO much of the pencil cactus I have always wanted.  I stuck it in yet another vintage pot - this one I got from Seattle Antiques along with my kick-ASS Norwegian chair for my last anniversary.  I will do a post for the chair sometime...when I finish the living room...

*no plant is complete without a wee little deer companion* 

Here's my little doll, with her little doll, Monkey (sometimes goes by the name Monk-O...still not sure if the little dude is a dude or dude-ette.  I think it depends on little A's mood).  She is really excited about the plants.  And her ruby red slippers.

OH SHOOT.  It looks like this pic has a pen mark from the paint program.  Oh well.

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