Sunday, February 26, 2012


I FINALLY had a chance to try Chia seeds this week!  I made chia seed pudding for work, and then this Saturday I made a quick Chia Seed SHAKE!!  YUM  :D

CHIA seeds.  Yes, as in CHIA PETS!!  This is what my coworker brought up at work. It's also what my husband said "do you know you're eating a Chia Pet?!"...whatever people, get over it.  


1 cup milk, (i prefer WHOLE) or soy milk.
really, whatever you like.

1/8 cup Chia Seeds.

Honey to your taste (I eyeball it)
you may want to mix the honey in a bit of warm milk to get it dissolved properly.

dash of cinnamon

dash of ground star anise

dash of ground cardamom 

dash of whatever you want!!
(I just tweaked the recipe today and added chili and ginger powders!)

Combine in an airtight jar.  Shake.  Shake.

(Great fun for little ones)


Let sit for a couple hours in fridge.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thursday Night Cupcakes

So, we decided on a whim to make CUPCAKES on Thursday.  In most cases, I would have done this from scratch.  However, it being a weeknight and me wanting to make cupcakes, caramel, AND chai seed pudding...I gave in to the boxed cake mixes calling my name at the grocery store.

I went with Betty Crocker brand yellow cake mix + RAINBOW CHIP frosting.  My FAV!!

Little A helped A LOT, see!

 My girl is so sweet, she even offered me a batter-covered thumb. I passed.

There is NOTHING like a sugar-high smile.  :-D

Of course, I don't do this to my child every DAY!  Why give them sugar all the time?  Who wants to be a fatty with black teeth?!  Seriously, there are SO many better ways to feed a child.  That's right, I said it.