Friday, November 12, 2010

Before Pics: Ugly Country House

Good Morning!  I have some grotesque "before" pictures to share today!  These were taken around the beginning of September (2010).  Since then, my husband and I have made much progress; I will continue posting WIP and current photos as I find the time  ;-)

See the ugliness of the exterior?  Putrid, right?  A house fit to burn!  Unfortunately, the previous owners (built this themselves!!) in their later years, so alot of the work (as you can see, this house is NOT painted) was not finished.  In addition, the house was definitely neglected until we came along...ready for the challange!  This house DOES have a bright side!  It is about 2600 sq ft (great running space for the pets and toddler), has a GREAT deck (which we will revamp within the year), huge kitchen, big bedrooms, and even a little storage nook which we will turn into a playroom/hideout for our daughter (every little kid's dream, right?)  The house sits on 3-5 acres of land (no...nobody really knows since the papers from long ago don't seem to be accurate).  A little creek runs on the property, and it came with a HUGE barn...not the cute, red-and-white kind, but the huge metal variety which we hope to improve someday.  I will save the barn "before" and "after" pics for that someday...

The interior doesn't fare much better than the exterior.  These three are of the main/living room, kitchen (500 sq ft!!!), and upper loft (my favorite!)

Oh by the way, the sheetrook patch job in the main room is something we put in ourselves!  Since then, there has been much, much more sheetrock work my husband has done.  Some areas of the house didn't have any sheetrock, others were torn down, etc...

This is Callie Dog.  She is here to make you feel better after being put through the torture of the "before" pictures:

She enjoys not listening, bum-licking, being outside, being on the bed when daddy is not looking, bum-licking on the bed when daddy can't see, and wiggling her butt.

I have my *fingers crossed* to find more time to post my house updates...soon!  They will also make up for the gross "before" pics in today's post.  

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