Monday, January 10, 2011

SCORE!: $24.95 Table

How awesome is this table?!  I picked it up this week at a local thrift store.  The story behind this table is that I ALMOST bought an entire vintage yellow, bamboo-styled bedroom set by Broyhill.  I remember it so clearly.  It was only around $400 bucks and in perfect condition.  It included a dressing table, head-and-footboard, dresser, and nightstand.  Unfortunately, I did not have a truck and the seller was all the way in Scottsdale.  My house at the time was in Mesa.  So I PASSED.  Had I known I would have a little girl I would have gladly paid a couple hundred to have the set carted over to my house.  (I had a job at the time, and this was before the 10% paycuts that affected our entire Aerospace division.  It was a time of many sprees.  haha)

Alas, it was the dream bedroom set that I let slip through my fingers.  I vowed to my husband I would NEVER let a yellow bamboo-styled piece slip through my fingers again - EVER.

BAM!!  That's how this pretty table came home with me.  Totally worth the $24.95 I paid.  It's actually a steal.  It's an old Thomasville desk from the 1960's.  It is solid wood and nicely constructed.  Sure, the drawers stick a little, but it's nothing a little wax and a few small screws can't fix.

This is going to be my art I can make it as girly and tacky as I wish.  I plan on buying an Eames wire chair with Eiffel base and a white bikini cover sometime down the line (next Modernica sale, maybe?).  For now, I'm using one of my nine million Bertoia side chairs.  This one is from the Tulip table in my kitchen.  I ended up covering it with my Eames fabric cover for comfort, but I really like the look of a pure white chair next to this ridiculous yellow monstrosity...haha.  Well, for now this cover will keep the Bertoia wire marks off my bum.

After visiting the Seattle Art Museum last night for the famed PICASSO exhibit, I was inspired to fill up my desk with art supplies.  I like how it came out.  I did this with a cup of Earl Grey tea, with a bunch of Haribo Gummy Bears at the bottom.  The tea bath works MUCH better than a microwave to soften up the bears.  Also, the microwave turns them really hard once they start cooling.  The Gummy Bears don't really change the taste of the tea, unless you let them sit too long.  Then they give the tea a "lemongrass" flavor.

I know, I know.  It's crazy.  But that's how I roll when I need my "junk food" fix.  Drinking the tea via Redvine licorice is also superb.  Don't worry, I don't act like this very often. 

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