Friday, February 4, 2011

Seattle Day Trip! (1.23.2011) *in POLADROID*

We rode the monorail from Pike Place to the Seattle Science Center.  Little A LOVED it!  She's been wanting to ride a train ever since we saw "Polar Express" at the theatre.  ;-)  I am LOVING the new Poladroid app by the way...available at Poladroid.  Check it out and tell your friends!

This is not such a great view, but outside is the blur that is Seattle...

Below are some shots of the lovely architecture at Pacific Science Center.  SOO midcentury!  But alas, badly in need of a renovation/refurbishment...

I want this fountain so bad!

The above shot is so simple, yet so beautiful.  Definitely frame-worthy.
Below is a view of an outdoor ceiling.  

We lunched on mussels, bread, and fancy French french fries at uber yummy Maximilien's.  In an attempt NOT to overload this post with photos, I opted to keep it simple by showing the decadent dessert plate (a sampler, because I am indecisive).  Enjoy.

Look at the froth on that espresso!  
(Actually, termed EXpresso on the menu...)
Yes, those are baby chubby hands in the background ;-)

Of course, no Seattle trip is complete without the mandatory stroll through Pike Place market.  I loved every crowded, cold, fishy-scented moment.  Although, I could without the fish smell...

This photo resulted in a very messy crab dinner at home later that night.

I am a sucker for a quaint bouquet of flowers.

I adore these paper stars.  I take pictures of them where ever I go.
The last time was a small corner market in Tucson.  

Oh Arizona, I miss you so...

Alrighty, that's it for now.  My next planned post is of my kitchen.  Not sure if I want to do it in Poladroid pics or not...

What do YOU think about Poladroid?  Have you used it?  Do you plan on trying it out?  Leave me a comment!

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