Friday, February 4, 2011

Thrifting: Original Bertoia at a STEAL

This is our latest baby.  NO, not the roly poly little girl messing around - I mean the Bertoia Bird she is sitting on.  We found this at a *relative* steal.  Most people will say we paid way too much for a pieces of wrought iron steel.  But, this is the Bird pre-shock mount.  This may have been made by Bertoia himself!  Lucky man...he designed a few now well-known pieces and cashed out.  He spent the rest of his life dabbling in random things.  Neat!

Yes, "WHAT are you thinking you crazy lady?!?!"...why did I put this cherished piece of history in Little A's room?  Because my home is a construction zone, and I have no other space.  My bedroom would be the logical place, however it is housing 2 Zenith Eames shell chairs, 2 Kodawood chairs, a red Eames Lounge Knockoff (affordable, easy on the eyes, and my black lab's chair of choice), a small desk with Bertoia chair, AND a bed...and nightstand.

It's a little cramped.  
So the Bird is in the baby's room.  
For now.  

Little A has already knocked the Bird over, gauging the cork in the process.  eeeek!  When I wisen up and find a better home in my home for Birdie, I will do a full post dedicated to him/her (?!)  Ideally, I would like it to be a humorous post full of sexy shots of the Bird.  Kinda like Brick House.  That girl has the BEST furniture posts ever.  I can only aspire to create (and maintain) a blog as impeccable as The Brick House.  sigh....

You can find a link to The Brick House on the right in my blog list  :-)

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