Saturday, April 14, 2012

Afternoon Visit to Purdy Spit

Today was pretty eventful for Little A and I.  First, we visited the local nursery to pick up some asparagus crowns, and a couple different rosemary plants.  Then off to ballet.  And then Costco...where we tried  all the samples and Little  A stopped to talk to her favorite (and my favorite!) pharmacist.  She cannot leave the store without talking to him  LOL.

We returned home and got the husband to work digging little ditches for all our new plants.  In went the organic manure/compost (also from the nursery), followed by our asparagus crowns and rosemary.  We chose a neat little area at the base of a couple large trees for the asparagus plot.  The rosemary was actually planted in between some larger roots.  When the rosemary grows up a bit, and after we find its garden gnome, I will do a post on our gardening efforts.

I plan on protecting my rosemary from being dug up by Mikio and Ari...maybe a simple tomato trellis or two, which I can re-use next year to help grow actual tomatoes?  Of course, next year we plan on leveling the yard and doing some real landscaping!!  Maybe even a fenced-in herb garden!  (They are easy to maintain and grow like weeds.  No failures there!!)

We went back into town for some QDOBA, including a pit stop along the Purdy Bridge on the way.

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