Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little A's New West Elm Princess Bed!

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am so sorry but I have not had the time to post anything lately.  As a result, I have a high backlog of posts which I intend on sharing with you.  Although I am using a FIFO strategy to post (first-in-first-out, aka chronological order), my first of many is actually the LAST one.  This is Little A's new bed which we put together last night, while she was away at a special "parents' night out" daycare event.

Be prepared to be AMAZED.

Are you ready?





Here is our little SPECIAL girl...

Of course, after this moment, I was unable to capture any "still life" moments.

It was ALL a BLUR.

WHEW!!!  That was exciting!


Bed:  West Elm, "2X2", full, white.  First one came damaged, West Elm promptly sent me a replacement and had UPS pick up the first one (luckily I only had to rip a little section of the box off to see the damage, so the first bed was pretty much packaged as it came).  Overall, for the price, I am happy with what I got (20% off bedroom sale!)  It is about a 3/4 step above IKEA  ;-)

Comforter/sheet set:  Style & Co. brand, (Macy's), VERY old design my Mom bought me at a clearance sale.  **Thanks Mommy**

Crochet Blanket:  Goodwill, similar ones can be found easily (yet more pricey) @ ETSY.COM

Pillows:  down alternative, 2 sets of 2, on sale for under $13/set at COSTCO!

Smaller blanket (on top of crocheted one): Goodwill/Dwell Studio for Target.  You can find similar mod designs still...

Mosquito Net Canopy:  OVERSTOCK!  $22 (with shipping).  WAY better than driving to *and having to deal with* IKEA.  My only complaint: product was described to come with a RATTAN hoop online, however came with a plastic one instead.  Still works fine, but I expect product descriptions to be accurate, and that people know what they are selling (probably not Overstock's fault...I believe the responsibility falls to the vendor actually supplying the product through Overstock.  DUH)  

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