Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Trip to Georgia: Roswell Plantations

I had the great opportunity of traveling for work earlier last month; I flew to Georgia for a supplier assessment.  During the last day, after all the meetings and tours, A coworker and I decided to spend the last hours before the flight back to SeaTac exploring a couple plantations in little Roswell. (NO, not that Roswell, that one's in the desert).

The first stop was Smith plantation, see the sign...

This was a pretty modest plantation, and was blessed with a cozy garden.  Unfortunately, being too early for the full tour, we moved on to the next one: Barrington Hall.  After wandering through the fabulous gardens for a while, the doors opened up for the day's first tour.  Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed inside the home, so all I have to share today are images from the outside.  Nonetheless, I am sure you will be pleased!

I sweat, OOPS, I mean I sweaR, I could just watch those beautiful trees wave in the breeze ALL DAY LONG.  Reminds me of the trees in Michigan.  

Frankly, someone is a little sick of all this "lumberjack" vegetation we have here in the Seattle area.  Ugh.

Georgia has beautiful trees.  And I would consider living there.  Seattle sucks. Too many smokers, too much coffee.  (actually, just drove back from Seattle before posting this, so a little depressed/disappointed with my surroundings...when compared to the images in this post  ;-)

Anyway, let's take a stroll through the garden!!

One of my favorite parts about this garden:

La Reine Rose, a very fragrant rose reminiscent of the hot pink roses we used to buy from street vendors in don't find these at American Florists.  However, I do recall Harrod's department stores (London) would fly them in for Valentine's Day (from India...not from Roswell  ;-)

I hope you enjoyed all my photos!  I surely did  :-D 

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