Monday, May 7, 2012

I wish I were a FAIRY

So...I have recently discovered "Once Upon A Time" on HULU!!  I am only two episodes in, yet already I am addicted!  It reminds me what it is like to be young, carefree, and full of adventure.  Yes, I am afraid the golden age has passed for me!  I am now buried in bills and worries.  I, for one, would appreciate some lottery winnings so I can leave the gnarled hands of society and find a quite cabin from which I may draw and write for the rest of my days.  Alone.  Unbothered.  Well, I would have my brother around so we could talk more.  Maybe he could have a cabin across the creak.  And my daughter could live in a tree house in the herb garden...or maybe in a turret attached to the cabin.  She is a princess, after all.

Long story shorter...I became ultra sad at the thought that I am in fact NOT a fairy in the forest, and that I am not living this hermittess lifestyle I so envisioned myself enjoying.  This made me remember the fairy tiara Little A and I made together - last MONTH.  (Yes, shame on little old me for neglecting this little piece of heaven I call a blog).

SO...DRUM ROLL we go!!

pipe cleaners

play time!


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