Sunday, May 20, 2012

Awesome Cardamom Cookies

I took Little A to a friend's birthday party.  Everybody brought their kids so she had a pretty fun time.  The birthday was butterfly themed!  (YES, adults can have cool parties too!)  There were butterfly gummies, butterfly cookies made by a friend, as well as a caterpillar pinata! (made by another friend).  Towards the end, we (tried to) released a butterfly which the birthday girl had grown from a caterpillar...Little A and I were super-blessed to be surrounded by such creative people!  It was pretty awesome.  :-)  We brought a yellow orchid in a dark lilac pot.

Anyway, we took home a couple of those AMAZING butterfly-shaped cardamom cookies.  She enjoyed them the next morning (Mother's Day!) with a white peach and some milk, while on the phone with Ba and DaaDaa!   

  These cookies were so super awesome, I was told the recipe came with the ceramic cookie mold from Brown Bag Cookie Molds.  I printed some recipes from the company's website, however, was unable to find the cardamom cookie recipe.  I am confident, though, that I can probably add this spice to the plain cookie recipe provided.  Maybe also mix in some lemon OR orange zest!  I might just try this recipe out when visiting my parents! 

XOXO for now!

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