Monday, May 28, 2012

Thrifty! Vintage Hot Air Balloon PRINT!

Look at this amazing print I scored at Goodwill last Tuesday!  The print itself if very uplifting, although I do plan on changing the frame sometime down the my budget permits!

I stuck this in my yoga room/office for the time being, as it coordinates TOO well in the main room and I am trying to get away from perfect color coordination.  It always ends up too thematic and matchy-matchy for me, so I try to blend a couple themes and color schemes in each room.

It looks like an old Serigraph-type print, but I really have very little clues of its history.  There is the last name "Carter" on the lower right hand corner, but that is pretty much it.  One of the balloons has "Double Eagle I" written across it.  I am really curious where this came from...anybody out there that knows anything??



  1. Looks like a original president carter painting to me of the double eagle hot air ballon journey. He loves hot air balloons.

  2. August 17,1978 first transatlantic ballon flight ballon named double eagle and president carter invited the ballonest to the White House. Perhaps this was his inspiration to paint that historical painting you seem to have in your possession. If it is authentic it could fetch six figures easily due to the historical event it captures and being painted by such a great man

  3. I have this painting and one went to auction in 2008 in Manhattan. Exact Duplicate. Interesting. I'm auctioning off my household items and wonder the value of it.