Sunday, June 19, 2011

After an unsuccessful attempt at Family Nap Time earlier, we ended up going to McDonald's for playtime + fries.  We then hit up Home Depot for a SUPER SPECIAL LIGHTING PROJECT.  I turns out nothing is available at the store so we walked out with a pot and some rosemary!  See?  Sorry for the blurry picture.  One day, I will upgrade to one of those nicer cameras all the cool Mom Bloggers have...  :-) 

Little A and the Husband walked down to see G-ma, so I fixed myself a snack.  
Papaya Snack.
From Saturday's $50 fruit run to Costco.  haha.  I love that place.
I am ALWAYS eating.  Something.

So here is the potting soil.  Keep in mind, I am NO expert.  I just shoved a bunch of the dirt in the pot, tore off half the biodegradable peat pot, broke up the root ball, and dropped that sucker in the hole.  Then I watered it.  I probably won't water the rosemary again until the soil is dry.  I don't want to drown the poor thing.  It's already been through the shock of being re-planted.

Look who I found nibbling on the rosemary bush!  It's a little visitor!

I stuck a seashell from the Purdy beach in there too.

Here is the final home for my rosemary, for the time being at least.  Remember the first plant from my succulents post?  The second one is a cactus my husband has had forever.  The pot, although not my style, was from my mentor at my last job.  I got a little plant when I moved to a different job, but the plant died.  My husband's cactus needed a real pot (he still had it in the cheapo plastic pot) so it got the upgrade to my pot a few years ago after I couldn't keep the original plant alive.  The cactus is MUCH easier to handle, thank goodness! 

On a side note, the lamp to the left is something I thrifted at a local flea market for a buck.  I should have tried to talk them down to 50 cents because the darn thing is crooked.  Unfortunately, I had a cold and wasn't up to my full bargaining strength.  I planned on upgrading it to a white shade from Target, but the husband hates the lamp.  EVERYTHING about the lamp.  Maybe I will just stick it in my office, once I find something nicer for that credenza. (?)

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