Sunday, June 19, 2011

Also Last Sunday: In Search of Pizza

SO, remember how the Seattle trip was a disaster because nobody at U-dub had mind to communicate to the public (i.e. via internet) that the greenhouse is closed (except for the poorly hand-written signs on campus)?

WELL...Add to that The Upper Crust Cafe.  A pizza place on 21st Street in Tacoma which we have been trying to eat at for the past couple weekends.  The first time was on Memorial Day (Sunday).  I know, alot of places are closed, but some are open in hopes of drawing the business of people out to have a good time.  So me being the super-prepared person I like to be, I called ahead.  Nobody picked up, but the answering machine said The Upper Crust is open on Sundays.  I figured they were probably overflowing with patrons and couldn't get to the phone.  So we drove over the flippin Narrows Bridge (paid the toll and everything) only to find The Upper Crust closed.  BUMMER.  We went to The Rock instead.  Okay pizza, but quite a few notches below my gourmet tastebuds.  ha!  Just not my slice of pie I suppose, but guess what?  The Rock got my business on Memorial Day.

SO, fast forward to Sunday, June 12th...We were in search of provisions [grub] after our escape from the U-dub campus.  We decide to give the Upper Crust another chance.  Guess what?!  Those f*ckers are closed yet AGAIN.  And yet AGAIN their answering machine claims they are indeed open on Sundays.  JESUS, what a drag!!!  So, my husband is pissed.  We are still hungry.  We settled for a layman's pizza in downtime Gig Harbor.  It was okay.  It was garlic chicken with white sauce.  It just wasn't gourmet enough.  :-(  In fact, we only really get gourmet pizza when we make it at home.

**side note, The Upper Crust is NEVER open, and Fondi's has HORRIBLE service.  Why are all gourmet pizza places this crappy?!**

This place we went to was super-kid friendly.  Little A got a free little "appetizer" plate and crayons without us having to ask for anything!
**She ate those olives right up!**

Below is our pizza.  It looked really good, and my husband liked it.
But I really wanted a marinara, wood-fired pizza.
From The Upper Crust D-bags that cannot seem to run their business to support my schedule.

Did I mention the The UC has the best coffee?  
They serve Caffe Vita from Seattle.  I have it at home.  It's so good.

Our pizza came with a bowl of noodles + sauce for her.
Look at those cute teeth!!

Uh-oh...the spaghetti looks a little dubious.
How to get it on the fork as efficiently as possible?

This meal ends in a grumpy baby and us going home before finishing our food.
The joy of children.

Oh well.  It happens.

Next time, I'm bringing bow-tie pasta with us to the restaurant.

For reals.

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