Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kitchen Update: Change is Good. Progress is Better.

So in the interest of keeping this post easy to view, I have opted to scale down the pictures (because I have so many to show you!!!).  However, for better detail, just click on the pic, and you can see the full-size version.  :-)

Below is a view of the cabinets along the "coffee/tea bar"....

Remember what this side of the wall USED to look like?! (Look at the difference new flooring, counter tops, and paint can do!! *Please note, we are obviously not done with all the trim work.  Some of it is still in the original light-Tiffany-blue...but at least this is change for the better  :-)

Look at this Thrifty pendant!  $3.99 at Goodwill!!!  It replaced the dubiously-built Urban Outfitters starburst pendant, which is now installed in the pantry (ha!) until we figure out where we really want it.  Yes, I know there is more trim that needs a coat (or five) of Dove White Gloss.  One day, we will get there...

This corner of the kitchen looks good when it gets dark out too!
BUT I think I like it better in the daytime, with its Callie Dog companion.

I love my vintage knockoff Tulip Table (but the Bertoia Side Chairs are totally really.  Nothing in our house is knock-off Bertoia.  So far, it has been totally easy to find and/or repair on the cheap).  ***STILL searching for 4 Bertoia barstools though***

Here is the AWESOME tile we chose (Lowe's) for the backsplash along both the main kitchen counter and coffee/tea bar.  My father-in-law suggested Tiffany Blue grout, but I think we will stick to plain old white.  LOL

By the way, IKEA train set = good investment of your $

DRUMROLL please.....(imaginary drumroll)....
Here is the main kitchen counter.  The glass cupboards and butcher block counter are both IKEA.  The white cupboards are original to the home, but dressed up with IKEA hardware (2 handles for $10, VS Lowe's/Home Depot where the same style will run you $30+ to $70, depending on size.  

For the drawers in the kitchen, we plan will be splurging on brushed nickel "whale tail" pulls from Rejuvenation.  YAY!!!

The white tile will run along the entire counter, cover the windowsill by the sink, and probably go up halfway between vintage stove and ceiling trim (still in the process of being painted white).

Yes, I thought one side of the island should be pop-you-in-the-face YELLOW.  One day, some Bertoia barstools will look really sleek up on that yellow.

The bright window-looking thing on the ceiling is a set up of about 8 fluorescent light bulbs.  I only use it if I am cooking something complicated, otherwise I prefer the little globe lights or the larger globe pendant above the tulip table.

Yup, 2 stoves.  The gas stovetop in the island is for practicality, while the vintage electric stove is just for looks.  I'm taking this one to my next house.

The two cutouts above are for skylights *someday*!

My Tea Cupboard.  Above the tea bar, next to my coffee mug cupboard and teapot cupboard...but my old Fire King teacups & coffee mugs are actually hanging on the other side of the kitchen - because they just don't fit all in one spot!!  

Yet another thrifty find: $10.99 Goodwill painting.  Do you see a pattern here?  I flipping LOVE the Goodwill.  I find some kick*butt stuff there.  This one is really interesting when you get up close to it.

Just don't fall in!  ;-)

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