Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saturday Tractor Ride

I drove the tractor DOWN the BIG hill!!!  Littler A rode with me.  It was totally fun, yet terrifying at the same time.  I kept thinking that sucker was going to tip over.  Little A was not scared, but she emphasized the point that "Mama is scared, she doesn't want to be on the tractor going down the hill".  Sorry about the blurry resolution, mom and dad.  My camera does that in certain lighting.

In this picture below, there is a little ghost running in front of her daddy across the bridge.  My camera is so strange, but it makes for some interesting perspectives.  

Little A should be very proud that her very own Daddy built the bridge.  I should scrounge around for the "before" snapshot.  It was dangerous.  The wood boards which sat on the railroad track were rotten with holes eaten through.  People were actually actively avoiding this way out of the woods.

Yes.  It was THAT bad.

So, with the help a couple neighbors (it's the neighborhood bridge, after all), we re-did it.  The wood was replaced with steel grating, AND a simple "fence" was put up.  My husband did most/all of the welding, and he installed the fence.
Yes.  The prior model had NO fence.

I LOVE how raw and modern it looks in the middle of the trees.  

Below is the view of the creek below.

Little A enjoys throwing pebbles down there.  We watch them fall.

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