Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last Sunday: In Search of the Corpse Flower

I try to post throughout the week, so I apologize that these posts are basically a week behind.  I was sick, and Little A was even sicker.  Still is a little sick, actually.  So this Sunday I am posting last weekend's activities.  

We were supposed to visit the great Corpse Flower at the University of Washington.  The trip was pretty much disastrous!  First of all, I called the U-dub greenhouse ahead of time to verify they were indeed open on Sunday.  According to their message, they were.  I EVEN checked the website to cover all my bases.  But when we got to the campus (like a flippin 100 miles from our home), the place was completely shut down due to graduation ceremonies.  To make matters worse, there was an inadequate amount of proper signage/maps to help you find your way to the greenhouse.  And all the buildings were on super-lockdown so I couldn't find anywhere to pee.  I finally snuck into some fancy event/catering building to relieve myself.    

Way to go U-dub.  And you call yourselves professionals....?!  Maybe you should provide some extra value to validate your rising tuition rates.  But hey, everybody else is doing it, so just join the rest of the [mediocre] schools and jump on that bandwagon.  You are not distinguishing yourselves.  

(Seriously, on a side note, a U-dub MBA is not worth $50k+  It's like walking around with a knock-off Coach just to "seem" cool - when in all reality, Coaches are really NOT that "cool").  

************************************************************ the afternoon was NOT a complete disaster.  Little A had a ball in search of this flower.  And I followed her around taking pictures.  Because she is so cute.  See her walking ahead of us?  She reminds me of Dorothy walking down the Yellow Crick Road, or maybe Alice in Wonderland.  Where is she headed?  What magical things are waiting around the corner?

I absolutely love some of the architecture...look at this castle below!

Little A asked me to help balance her while she walked on the curb.

Below, after Daddy finally helped us find our way to the mysterious hidden greenhouses of U-dub.  He is a good guide.  I think I will keep him.  haha 
I LOVE the photo below...I think this is one to blow up  ;-)

So, the great Corpse flower, at the very end of its bloom cycle.  
Reminds me of Harry Potter...
I am surprised there was no Dragon-Guardian at the window here.  

Maybe it was napping deep within the Greenhouse Jungle.

Here is a shot of the greenhouse from afar.  See the Corpse flower?

Below is Little A, with her jacket on her arm like a little lady!
Daddy is impatient and grumpy from all this searching.
He cannot wait to escape the evil clutches of the University of Washington's campus.

Luckily, the evil warlocks and ogres of the University did not take it upon themselves to capture us - this time!

However, we will remember to bring defenses with us next time.  Pepper spray, Garlic, and a magical map of the University.  Maybe a Black Lab-Pitt for protection from the brainless retards of the campus grounds.  Add to that list the long lost key to the Greenhouse, and some food/bait for the Dragon Guardian inside.  

What a fun post. I got to rant about stupidity of others.  I also turned our disappointing Seattle visit into a great adventure into the unknown.

All in a day's work. ha!

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