Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunday, 6/5: At the Beach with Little A

I worked a half day on Sunday.  I got home and stuck Little A in the car and turned right around.  The tide was SO low, I thought she would really enjoy running around the shore.  We brought her white sandals.  Yes, Mom and Dad, these are the same ones we left in your closet, just a size bigger.  If I find something she likes on the sale rack, I usually buy multiples.  I don't mind spending 15 bucks on baby shoes, I just like to get more than one pair in 15 bucks.  Has anyone seen those $29.99 toddler sneakers at Target?!  It's completely ridiculous.

I hope someone up in Minneapolis reads this and takes it to heart.  Target is usually a waste of money.  It's made in China, not Italy...

Which begs the question, why isn't there a retailer out there with WALMART prices, yet a TARGET feel?!  I would shop there.  I would give that place all my business.

Anyway, let's get back to the point.  I brought the sandals.  We somehow had NO backups in the car.  How did this happen?  I don't know!  The outcome was that the Baby Brat refused to walk on the sand.  She plunked her diapered bum on a rock, took off the sandals, and proceeded to throw sand/rocks at me while i politely tried coaxing her to "say cheese for the camera"...I ended up with sand all over my clothes.  On the flip side, I got a really cute picture of the Little She-Devil.  haha

See her pointing out the boats above?
See her climbing up the rocks below?

She's cute.

She got it from me.  ;-)

The curly hair is also from my side of the family.

We all started out with curly hair like that.
But it straightened right out as we got older.

Here she is at the top, smiling because Mommy let her climb up by herself.

At one point, her right sandal got caught between a couple large rocks, and I had to move one over to "rescue" her!  lol  :-)

We ended up bringing home a cool looking stick.  I plan on carving the time + place into it.  For now, it's on the mantle below the painting she helped me create.  :-)  We will have to do a post on both of these sometime soon...

That's all for now!!


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