Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion Post: New Boots (!)

     I am really excited since to be doing my first fashion-related post!  I just got a shipment of ALDO boots I've been eyeballing for a while now.  Being end of season, they are on clearance so it was the perfect opportunity to stock up.  This is a short and sweet post as I am only posting the images for the benefit of other (prospective) buyers.  See below for my opinions on the shoes...

     Above is the Gremler style.  It's pretty comfy, but I really need to get used to wearing heels again as I've been in fat baby's since I started my current job about a year ago (most shop-appropriate boot with style).

     This black one is the Ocken.  Once again, need to get myself used to the HEEL!  Also, I'm a little afraid this low-cut boot is a little too "chic" for me...?  But cute nonetheless.  Where I would wear this one, I have no clue (not work-appropriate, and since I don't go out at all, where would I wear these?  COSTCO?!)

     This is the Curreri boot.  I'm not sure how I feel about the wedge heel being about ten shades lighter than the leather, but it definitely provides more support than the above two heels.  The one downside is that the boot does not hug my calves (too loose, and the straps are purely decorative - nonadjustable).  So, wearing this without pants looks funny, like the boots are just too big for me!  I had originally chosen these thinking I could wear them with a crisp summer dress.  I guess not!

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