Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tiny Pink Pyrex

SO...a few weekends ago my husband took me to one of my favorite thrift malls in Port Orchard and we picked up this SUPER cute teeny TINY pink Pyrex casserole dish.  I've never seen one so tiny so I gladly shelled out the 6 bucks - even without the glass top.

YES.  That is a baby BOEING 787.  

I thought it might be fun to pose my tiny Pyrex dish with a tiny plane...It's all die-cast!  That sucker set me back $12.99 + tax at the Boeing store.  I plan on collecting them ALL.  

I threw in a tiny deer too.  I love those tiny deer.  My husband hates all my deer HAHA.  I haven't added to my deer collection lately so maybe I should do that...  ;-)

See how tiny the Pyrex dish looks with the watch in there?  See, I told you it was little!

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