Wednesday, March 14, 2012

FINALLY: The Eames Low Rod has ARRIVED

Hello Beautiful...what's your name?
Low Rod Pretty Chair, you say?

Yes, I talk to my chairs.  They are like my babies.  That Modernica Low Rod base I ordered FINALLY came in the mail.  Their shipping department was "backed up" so this teeny tiny little base didn't ship for a WEEK after I placed my order!!  Of course, when I called to inquire Ingrid was SUPER NICE.  And, it's Modernica.  So I didn't care.

Modernica is super careful with their shipping, the base was very nicely packed and it was sent via Signature Only through UPS.  (Total Bummer for someone who WORKS when the UPS truck comes by.  I had to stop at their DC in Fife to pick up the package in person).  I had waited SO long, but it was well worth the wait!

The new black Modernica base went on one of my OLD Herman Miller Shells in Elephant Hide.  Now it looks so hot and sleek sitting all low to the ground like that!

This chair previously had a vintage (Herman Miller) Eiffel Base but I needed it for a new Modernica Eames Wire chair TOP that I picked up off of Craigslist (with a $50 price tag, it was WELL WORTH the long-bum drive to Seattle, or as I like to call it "the smoky city that thinks it is cooler than it really is").  HA!

Anyway, enough grumping around.  See below for the little storyboard I put together of my bedroom.  It's missing all the awesome chairs (Bertoia Bird Chair + stool, Eames Wire chair, Grey *vintage* Eames Shell pair) but I think it paints a nice picture nonetheless...see below for all sources. 

Eames Shell, vintage from ebay; Pillow, Edie & Co from Posh 
Home in Tacoma; Black Low Rod Base, new from Modernica; Curtains, IKEA; Flokati rug, IKEA; Dresser, thrifted; Glass Carboy, thrifted from Goodwill; Basket,; jars on windowsill, thrifted or IKEA; wall paint, Winter in Paris Olympic from Lowe's.

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