Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Food: Random Goodies from the Last Week

So I have bee super sick since early last week.  I have not gone to work since Friday.  I finally got around to going to the doctor yesterday because I did not start to feel better over the weekend as I predicted I would.  It turns out I have LUNG infection.  Yikes!!  The doctor sent me home with THREE prescriptions!  One of the medications required me to take a double dose, which I did so last night.  WOW, that s**t knocked me out!  I was so out of it this morning I could not sit up without wanting to puke.  If I am sick I can usually work from home, but this stuff made it so I didn't want to be alive.

Luckily, the remainder of that specific antibiotic is to be used as a single dose daily.  WHEW!

AnyWHO, this is my legitimate excuse for not posting as much as I'd like lately.  I am going to try to make up for it tonight with a ton of material...
 Like the above Lobster Ravioli I picked up at Costco.  I added a bunch of veggies because I cannot eat JUST pasta by itself.  Too much starch on its own makes me feel DIRTY. ha!

 I attempted my version of a spaghetti bake - I altered some of the veggies from the broccoli version I saw on Apartment Therapy.  I added cream to my egg mixture, but apparently not enough SALT.  It was still pretty good.  The mini red peppers (costco pack!) were SO awesome, since I sauteed the veggies before baking.  The result:  they tasted ROASTED, and who doesn't like roasted red peppers?!  

And of course, I was inspired to make this super simple carrot-broccoli-cabbage stir fry.  This was the day I went to the doctor, also the day our neighbor Roger was over prepping our kitchen for the new backsplash (more on that later!)...

As a result, I needed something QUICK.  I seasoned started with olive + sesame oils.  I added the carrots, then broccoli, and last the cabbage.  I believe I only used garlic powder, salt, and a few red pepper flakes.  It was great.  The rice on the side is the TRUROOTS brand sprouted quinoa and wild rice mix (also picked up at Costco ;).

AHHHH.  YUM.  Even the husband ate it!

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