Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Progress...making me Antsy!

Happy happy joy joy!!!  The Kitchen tile is looking great (so far)!  Our neighbor is doing a great job.  My husband is between classes for a week so he is able to help...but I reeeeeeeally want them to be done already.  

It will be SOOOOO nice to RELAX in a complete kitchen.  (Well, the trim at the top still needs painting, as well as the cabinets under the island, but I am choosing to ignore those little details for now)...

LOOK! The coffee counter is coming along pretty nicely.
My bamboo was in the way, so I went with it  :-)

The window and sill will be complete (soon)!  Then I can line up all my lil succulents along the way...*ahhhhh*

My Susan G Komen PINK Kitchenaid is really missing its corner right now!

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